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1). Don’t expose your wife’s weaknesses to your family and friends. You are each other’s keeper.

2). Never use attitudes and moods to communicate to your wife, you never know how she may interpret them.

3). Never compare your wife with other women, you’ve no idea what their life is all about.

4). Never forget you married her, She is your wife not your maid. treat her like a Queen and she will show the world you are a king, and u will reign in her life forever.

5). Never assign anyone to give attention to your wife, people may do everything else for her, but she is your personal responsibility.

6). Never blame your wife in public even if she was wrong. Rather protect her, encourage her and correct her in
private and she will never forget you.

7). Never pretend to be sick/ tired/ not in the mood for the purpose of denying her sex, another man is looking and wishing for such opportunity with her, one man’s meat….

8). Never compare your wife with your one time sex mate or ex-girl friend in bed, you are her only husband

9). Never shout or challenge your wife in front of your children, it is not a good up bringing, you are their teacher, they are carefully watching you even though you think they are just kids

10). Don’t forget to check your wife’s dressing before she checks out of the house. You are each other representation

11). Never allow your friends to be too close to your wife. You may never know their intentions. Set boundaries.

12). Never be in a hurry in the bathroom and on the dressing mirror. Out there your wife is always surrounded by men who took their time on their looks.

13). Your parents, friends & families do not have the final say about your wife. Don’t waste your time looking up to them for a final word. Be in charge of marriage

14). Never base your love for your wife on circumstances or condition even if you married her on those bases, now that she is your wife; love her unconditionally. Circumstances or condition may change and if that remains your base It will destroy your marriage.

15). Your wife needs attention and good listener like a babe, never be too harsh on her but rather listen and give her your attention and she will adore u.

16). Don’t compare yourself with your wife. She is feminine, rather complement her, marriage is a teamwork.

17). Don’t be too judgemental of your wife, she is your helpmate and the weaker sex. See her as such and your mind will relax

18). A lazy husband is a careless husband. He doesn’t even know his body needs a bath. Keep good body and oral hygiene i.e, your mouth and body always smelling fresh whenever you are together, poor mouth and body hygiene will irritate her, though she may not tell you.

19). Don’t associate yourself with men who have wrong mental attitude and opinion about marriage. Unless you want to be like them, bad company corrupt good manners

20). Your wife is as valuable to you as the value you place on her. Keep fresh; the pictures of her that led to your marriage. Recklessness and mental torture is unacceptable. Except you want it done to your sister or daughter

21). Fruit of the womb is a blessing from the Lord, love your wife; children or no children, irrespective of their gender teach them the ways of the lord, they will not depath from it even in old age.

22). You are never too old to influence your wife, never keep malice with her, your marriage will be as peaceful as you want it to be. Never reduce your care for your wife and children because of a strange woman or for any reason, they are you and you are them.

23). A prayerful husband is a better equipped husband, pray always, pray for your wife and children, your children are your future.

Consciously and Deliberately Do This Things and You Will Have a Glorious Marriage, in shaa Allaah. May Allaah bless our marriages and make them sources of joy and happiness for us here, and hereafter.

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