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Quran is the best book from God towards mankind. Why Quran is the Best book ? Well, because it is the last book of God provided to mankind through the Last Prophet (Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him)).

There is no book like Quran because it is in its original form. Even after fifteen hundred years Quran is still in its original form. Quran was written, revised and approved by Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) in his lifetime. In this world there is no data or information more authentic then Quran Kareem. Unlike other religious books, in Quran every word and sentence is from God. How can one be so sure? Well look at each sentence with open heart and open mind and see what is written. You will see God is addressing Mohammad (P.B.U.H) or mankind.

You won’t find any statement like ” person A was there and he was saying this or that. ” or ” I was there and I say person A was doing this or that”. In other religions, every two years (more or less), there is a revised addition, after three more years there is another revise addition. What does it tell you?

Yes, it tells you that any book that is changed every one or two years can’t be perfect and God is perfect. You will find this perfection in only and only one book, Quran Majeed. Perfect God gave Muslims Perfect Book through Perfect Messenger.

About Quran:

There are thirty sections (chapters) in Quran.
First verses of Quran were reveled to Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) when he was forty years old.
First Verses were reveled to Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) in Macca.
Quran Was reveled and completed in twenty three years.

It is the right of Quran on each Muslim that every Muslim should read and finish Quran Majeed (thirty chapters) latest once a years. In Quran Majeed some stories and tales of other Messengers are same as New Testament and Old Testament but if you see any difference in these stories, you know one book has not been changed. In other books people omit and add things every year or so. These books are not authentic because people make changes according to the time and needs of people but Quran had not been changed. God doesn’t like when people twist, bent and change the rule of Mighty God to fulfill their needs and desires. God is creator of all creatures and he wants us to adjusts our need by keeping in mind what is our prime duty.

God demands that followers of Islam should compromise and make changes in their plans and life instead of making changes in Quran “the word of God”.

If a King or a president of a country wants people to follow the rules of that country. If they don’t follow or change the rule of that country, what will happen to them but they gives to fulfill

In programming language, we use ” if, then, else ” kind of rule. If you follow the rules of God, then you go to Haven, else hellfire.

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