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Sujudush Shukr is like a treasure in this world and al ākhira. This information is worth gold, the benefits of doing Sajdatul Shukr. Most of us miss these benefits and we don’t know how much it’s worth. When we do Sajdatul Shukr (prostration of Appreciation), Allah opens the hijaab between us and the Angels . He says to the Angels, look at my slave, he did his fardh and obeyed My teachings and he did Sujuud to thank Me for what I’ve blessed him with. Oh My Angels what should he get? The Angels will reply, Ya Rabana give him Your mercy. Then Allah will ask again, and what else? The Angels will reply, Ya Rabbana give him Your heaven. Then Allah will ask again, and what else? The Angels will reply, Ya Rabana make his worries end. Then Allah Taala will ask what else? Everytime Allah asks n what else, the Angels will reply, something good. Lastly the Angels will reply, Ya Rabana we have no knowledge. Then Allah will say, ‘ I’ll thank him the way he thanked Me, I’ll give him My favour and show him My mercy’.

What harm do we get if we do Sajdatul Shukr everyday? It’s just a sajda and not a salaat.
whenever you r blessed with any good or any harm being removed, You can do it with or without wudu’; facing alqibla or not. But it’s best with wudu’ and facing the alqibla. During Sajdatul Shukr say what you say in the prostration during salat. Do not let this chance get away from you. Pls share with all your contacts; everytime they do this sujda you’ll get reward (ajr). Even after you’ve died it’ll be sadaqatul jariya. O Allah, make it sadaqatul jariya for me, my parents, my family, all those who’ll share it and all Muslims. Ameen.

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