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Sehar & Iftar Time

May / June 2019

Fiqh Jafria: Suhoor Time -10min | Iftar Time +10min

106, Mon03:56 AM11:44 AM03:01 PM06:13 PM07:32 PM
207, Tue03:55 AM11:44 AM03:01 PM06:13 PM07:32 PM
308, Wed03:55 AM11:44 AM03:00 PM06:13 PM07:33 PM
409, Thu03:54 AM11:44 AM03:00 PM06:14 PM07:33 PM
510, Fri03:53 AM11:44 AM03:00 PM06:14 PM07:34 PM
611, Sat03:53 AM11:44 AM02:59 PM06:15 PM07:35 PM
712, Sun03:52 AM11:44 AM02:59 PM06:15 PM07:35 PM
813, Mon03:51 AM11:44 AM02:59 PM06:15 PM07:36 PM
914, Tue03:51 AM11:44 AM02:58 PM06:16 PM07:36 PM
1015, Wed03:50 AM11:44 AM02:58 PM06:16 PM07:37 PM
1116, Thu03:50 AM11:44 AM02:58 PM06:17 PM07:37 PM
1217, Fri03:49 AM11:44 AM02:57 PM06:17 PM07:38 PM
1318, Sat03:49 AM11:44 AM02:57 PM06:18 PM07:39 PM
1419, Sun03:48 AM11:44 AM02:57 PM06:18 PM07:39 PM
1520, Mon03:48 AM11:44 AM02:57 PM06:18 PM07:40 PM
1621, Tue03:47 AM11:44 AM02:56 PM06:19 PM07:40 PM
1722, Wed03:47 AM11:44 AM02:57 PM06:19 PM07:41 PM
1823, Thu03:46 AM11:44 AM02:58 PM06:20 PM07:41 PM
1924, Fri03:46 AM11:44 AM02:58 PM06:20 PM07:42 PM
2025, Sat03:46 AM11:44 AM02:59 PM06:20 PM07:43 PM
2126, Sun03:45 AM11:44 AM02:59 PM06:21 PM07:43 PM
2227, Mon03:45 AM11:44 AM03:00 PM06:21 PM07:44 PM
2328, Tue03:45 AM11:44 AM03:00 PM06:22 PM07:44 PM
2429, Wed03:44 AM11:45 AM03:01 PM06:22 PM07:45 PM
2530, Thu03:44 AM11:45 AM03:02 PM06:22 PM07:45 PM
2631, Fri03:44 AM11:45 AM03:02 PM06:23 PM07:46 PM
2701, Sat03:44 AM11:45 AM03:03 PM06:23 PM07:46 PM
2802, Sun03:43 AM11:45 AM03:03 PM06:24 PM07:47 PM
2903, Mon03:43 AM11:45 AM03:04 PM06:24 PM07:47 PM
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