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Bis-Millah Hir-Rehman Nir-Raheem


(1) For any difficult problem to be solved recite this Duaa 72 times: –

Yaa Sayyidinal Kareem Najjinaa Wa Khallisnaa Bihaqqi Bismillaahir-Rahmaanir-Raheem. And then recite 70 times this Duaa:- Allaahu Latweefun Bi Ibaadihee Yarzuqu Manyashaa’u Wahuwal Qawiyyul Azeez.

( = O the Benign Chief save us and deliver us for the sake of ‘Bismillaahir-Rahmaanir-Raheem’; Allaah is Benign to His servants, He gives Rizq to whomsoever He wills, and He is Strong Mighty.)



(2) To receive spiritual blessings recite ‘Al-Basweeru’ abundantly.

(The All-Seeing)



(3) To get spiritual power recite ‘Al-Adhweemu’ abundantly.

(The Great One)



(4) For our Namaaz to be accepted say:-


Rabbij-Alnee Muqeemas-Swalaatee Wa Min Dhurriyyatee, Rabbanaa Wa Taqabbal Duaa’a.

( O my Lord make me establish prayers and also some of my offsprings be same, O our Lord accept my prayer. )


(5) For the safety of property:- Recite 11 times Surah Al-Ikhlaas, Surah Al-Qadr And Aayatul Qursee before sunrise.


(6) To recover the lost property: Pray 4 rak’at Namaaz, in each rak’at after Al-Hamd recite 11 times Surah -e- Ikhalaas and after Namaaz recite Duaa-e-Mujeer (refer M.Jinaan).


(7) For the increase in knowledge recite “Naadey Aliyyan…..” everyday regularly.


(8) To regulate properly all your legal affairs recite in abubdance these Holy Names: ‘Al-Aakhiru. Al-Badee’u. Al-Hakeemu. Al-Aadilu’.


(9) While commencing any work recite; ‘Al-Awwalu’ many times.


(10) To gain knowledge and to know secrets of nature recite: ‘Al-Aleemu’ (=The All-Knowing.) 6 times after every Waajib Namaaz.


(11) To develop a forceful personality recite: ‘Al-Muta’aali’ (The Most Exalted) and ‘Al-Adhweemu’ (The Great One) Many Times.


(12) For fearlessness and boldness recite regularly a great deal: ‘Al-Hafidhoo’. (The Preserver)


(13) To accomplish successfully any of your undertakings, write ‘Al-Haqqu’ (The Right One) on a square paper, put it in your hands, raise the hands towards the open sky and beseech your need from Allaah.


(14) To pass by unnoticed recite ‘Al-Khaaliqu’ (The Creator) many times.


(15) To safeguard one self from hypocrisy recite Surah-e-Munafiqoon.


(16) For sending a gift to a diseased: Surah-e- Mulk.


(17) For heart diseases, for confrontation, and for wiping out the evil of Monday recite: Surah-e-Dahr.


(18) To remain night vigil for Ibaadat, for being lucky for Hajj, and safety in traveling recite Surah-e-Nabaa. (Ammaa Yatasaa’aloon)


(19) For a sure insurance to your goods and belongings: recite Surah-e-Qadr.


(20) To cure a paralyses, for any fears, and to find out a culprit recite: Surah-e-Zilzaal. [*****]


(21) Braveness, success, fearlessness, and forgiveness of sins recite: Surah-e-Kaafiroon in abundance. [*****]


(22) To drive away poverty and fears, to be forgiven the sins and for mutual love recite: Surah-e-Ikhlaas in plenty. [*****]


(23) For any problem, and Maghfirat recite: Aayatul Qursee. [*****]


(24) For repaying debts, for sustenance, and for nervous-less public speaking recite: “Aaya-e-Mulk”. [*****]


(25) For any problem, trouble, or need recite:”Amman’yyujeebu…..”


(26) For a sure reply to your Haajat: recite Duaa-e-Qumail after every Namaaz until the need is fulfilled.


(27) To disgrace the enemies of Ahlul Bayt recite: Duaa-e-Samaat.


(28) To wipe away misfortune, crises and deadlocks recite: “Ilaahee Adhumal Balaa’a……” [*****]


(29) For the safety in journey and unity recite: Al-Waheedu abundantly. (The Unique)


(30) For intellectual power, proper understanding, and fluent speech: write Surah-e-Bani Israaeel with saffron, wash it with water and drink it.


(31) To be free from any undesirable thing in your house and worries recite: 1000 times “Naadey Aliyyan…..”


(32) To take a legal revenge from an enemy: Keeping in mind the name of the enemy recite 630 times Al-Muntaqimoo. (The Avenger)


(33) To destroy the enemies: recite this Duaa in the last three night of the month —Yaa Qaahiroo, Yaa Dhal Batshish-Shadeed, Antal-Ladhee Laa Yootaqoo Intiqaamuh.


(34) To ward off evil designs of enemies recite Surah-e-Al-Feel [ ***** ] in the first rak’at of Namaaz-e-Sub’h after Al-Hamd daily till the danger disappears.


(35) To destroy your enemy recite the following Duaa 55 times for 3 days: Yaa Mudhilla Kulli Jabbaarin Aneedin Biqahrin Adhweemin Wa Sultwaanihee. ( = O the humiliator of every stubborn oppressors with His utmost force and might.)


Jazaak-Allah Khair!

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