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During the early periods of marriage life, many spouses feel as if they are over the moon. Both, the wife and husband, feel as if they are on cloud nine. Yet as the months and years tick on, the love slowly and slowly fades away.

The husband stops calling her nice names, like sweetie-pie, honey, darling. He stops taking her feelings and emotions into consideration, and thinks, that because he is now married he does not need to tell her (or show her) how much he loves her, because “she already knows.”

And likewise, the wife stops dressing all glamorous for her husband. She stops taking her husbands physical desires into consideration, and thinks, that because she is now married she does not need to tell him (or show him) how much she loves him, because “he already knows.”

Another problem which arises is that both, the husband and wife, feel that there is no need to express their love as they already have numerous accounts of how they expressed their love to their spouse yesterday, or last week, or last month, or even last year!

Stop looking at what you done last time and look at every day as a new fresh day. What have you done today to please your spouse? Every day is a new day. Just because you (the husband) told your wife you love her, or sent her a gift or some flowers, that doesn’t mean that good deed lasts for the next few months! And likewise, just because you (the wife) were intimate with your husband last night, it doesn’t mean that satisfied him for the next few months!

Always revive the love by continuously fulfilling your spouses desire and always see what you can do today rather than what you done yesterday.

Know that the prophet (saw) said:

“Whoever meets his Muslim brother and makes him happy with something that Allaah likes, Allaah will make him happy on the Day of Resurrection.” [Tabaraanee]

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