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The night Allah’s Apostle was taken for a journey from the sacred mosque (of Makkah) Al-Ka’bah: Three persons came to him (in a dreamy while he was sleeping in the Sacred Mosque before the Divine Inspiration was revealed to Him. One of them said, “Which of them is he?” The middle (second) angel said, “He is the best of them.” The last (third) angle said, “Take the best of them.” Only that much happened on that night and he did not see them till they came on another night, i.e. after The Divine Inspiration was revealed to him. (Fateh-Al-Bari Page 258, Vol. 17) and he saw them, his eyes were asleep but his heart was not—-and so is the case with the prophets: their eyes sleep while their hearts do not sleep.

On the night of Meraj, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was resting in Hateem e Qaba along with Hazrat Hamza and one other companion when angel Jabreel along with angel Makail came and woke him up, Prophet Muhammad saw around him but saw no one so he lay back, Jabreel woke him up again, He saw no one again and lay back. Third time Jabreel hold his hand wake him up and told him that Allah (Glorious is He) has invited him (peace be upon him) and wants to meet him.

(In Rooh al Maani 5:15, narrated by Malik bin Sausaa rz, hijar is mentioned as the resting place of Prophet Muhammad, and in another hadith Hateem is mentioned)

After that Angel took Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the well of ZamZam, there Jabreel (as) said Makail (as) to give him a tray and water from the well of Zamzam, so that he can wash the chest of Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon Him),. After these things were provided, Jabreel (as) revealed Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) chest and washed His heart three times. In this process Makail (as) provided tray’s of zamzam water 7 times.
There was no bleeding and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) didn’t even feel any pain. (Note: 4 times in His life, Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) heart was washed). After washing his heart, Makail (as) brought along a tray of gold which was filled with Faith and Hiqmat and Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon Him) chest was filled with it. In completion to this the stamp of Prophet Hood was placed between His shoulders.

After that a white, horse like animal was brought as his ride, which was bridled and saddled. It was smaller then a Mole and bigger then a donkey. Its name was Burraq. It showed some resistance, and Jibreel (as) said, “Will you do that with Muhammad? No one nobler than he in Allah’s sight has ridden you.” That brought it perspiration.
So Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) rode him and the journey began. Burraq was very speedy that The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The animal’s step (was so wide that it) reached the furthest point within the reach of the animal’s sight. Jabreel (as) and Makail (as) were at the right and left side of Burraq. Some times during the journey, Jabreel (as) shared the ride with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him).

Before reaching Bait ul Muqdas in Jerusalem, Jabreel (as) took Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) to a green valley and said, “Come down and say prayer here”. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) performed prayer as requested and after that Jabreel (as) said “Do you know where you said the prayer?”. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) said “No”. Jabreel (as) said “you said prayer in Madina which is your place of migration”.

Then Jabreel (as) took Him to some other place and requested the same thing and after prayer he told Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) that this time you said prayer in Madeen (The town where Prophet Mosa (as) lived).

Then Jabreel (as) took him on yet another place and said the same thing. And after prayer he told Him that “this time you said prayer in “Bait ul Laham” (Bait ul Laham is a town near Bait ul Muqdas where Prophet Isa (as) was born). After that they continued their journey toward al Aqsa mosque.

On their way toward al Aqsa mosque, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) passed by the grave of Prophet Mosa (as) near the red mound. He was saying prayer in His grave. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that he had curly hair like the people of Shanva tribe (Shanva was a tribe of Yaman). Then they reached Al Aqsa Mosque.
On reaching al Aqsa mosque, Jibril gestured with his finger. So, he made (thereby) a hole in a stone and tied the Buraq to it.” Burraq was tide on the door of the mosque with the same tie bar that Prophets before Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to tie their rides. After some time Jabreel (as) said to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) that “you are not among those who’s ride will stand outside the doors. Instead Your ride will stand inside” and then he brought Burraq inside the mosque.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) entered al Aqsa mosque from the door called Baab e Muhammad. Inside the mosque, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) met some Prophets, The call for prayer was said by Jabreel (as) and all the Prophets made rows (like people do for prayers) and were waiting to see that who will lead the prayer. At that moment Jabreel (as) held the hand of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and sent him forward so that he will lead the prayer. So Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) led that prayer. During the prayer, Prophet Ibraheem (as) was standing right behind Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him). On the right side of Prophet Ibraheem (as) was standing Prophet Ismaeel (as) and on left side was standing Prophet Ishaaq (as).

After prayer, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) praised Allah and then addressed all the Prophets in these words …
You all have praised Allah, now i will praise my Rabb! All praises and oneness belongs to Allah who made me mercy for all the worlds, the one who tells good news and to scare people from Allah’s punishment. And I am given The Quran in which every thing is mentioned and My ummah (community) is made better and moderate (balanced). And its My ummah (community) which is the first one and the last one (first ummah to enter paradise in the day of judgment and last as there will be no new ummah after). And He (Allah) opened My heart and took away My burden and raised (made blissful) my remembrance. Made me victorious and the finisher.”
After that Prophet Ibraheem (as) addressed like “It feels like Muhammad Rasool Allah exceeded us all in Superiority

(Al-Shifa by Qazi Ayyaz rz)

After prayer, Jabreel (as) along with Angle Malik (the keeper of hell) came to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and introduced Malik to Him and said “This is Malik, say Salam to him”, and when Prophet Muhammad look toward him (Malik), he said Salam first”. Every prophet and angle was smiling when meeting Prophet Muhammad but Malik. Prophet Muhammad asked Jabreel (as) that “Whats the reason that who ever I have met has greeted me with a smile and welcomed me but this person replied to my greets and welcomed me with prayers but didn’t smile?” Jabreel(as) replied “He is Malik! the keeper of hell, from the day he is born till now, he never smiled. And if he would smile then you were the only person he would smile for“.

On the place called “Aliyea” Two cups, one containing wine and the other milk, were presented to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) at Jerusalem. He looked at it and took the cup of milk. Jabreel said, “Praise be to Allah Who guided you to Al-Fitra (the right path); if you had taken (the cup of) wine, your nation would have gone astray.”

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