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Fundamental human rights in Islam are well defined.

Protection of human life is fundamental objective and principle of Islamic teachings. The Holy Qur’an says:

“Whoever kills a human being without (any reason like) murder, or corruption on earth, it is as though he had killed all mankind.” (5:32)

“God does not like that evil be spread.” (4:148)

“O believers! Avoid suspecting each other: In some cases suspicion is an offence, and do not spy on or speak ill of each other in the absence.” (49:11)

“O believers! Do not enter houses of others, without respectfully seeking permission of their occupants; this is the conduct enjoined on you. And if you find none in a house, do not enter it unless directed otherwise. And go back if you are not allowed entry, this is what behooves you; and God knows all that you do. There is nothing wrong on your part, if you enter uninhabited places, if they are of any use to you; but God knows what you express or conceal.” (24:27-29)

“O mankind! God has created you from one man and one woman, you are divided into nationalities and communities, only so that you may identify one another; in the sight of God the most pious among you is most respectable among you; verily God is oft-knowing, well acquainted.” (49:13)

“Do not envy those whom God has given more than you, to every man belongs what he earns; and to every woman belongs what she earns; seek God’s grace; verily He knows everything well.” (4:32)

“O believers! Do not unlawfully benefit from one another’s property, but have trade of goods by mutual consent.” (4:29)

“Come to a word common between us and you”(3:64)

Hadith: You have a duty to your Lord, you have a duty to your body and you have a duty to your family so give each one its rights” (Sahih Bukhari:1867)
Hadith: “Spend (on charity) O son of Adam and I shall spend on you”
Human Rights in Islam
Hadith: “He is not a true Believer who eats his fill while his neighbor is hungry”
Hadith: “A funeral procession passed in front of our Prophet (PBUH) and he stood up. When he was told by the people that it was the coffin of a Jew, he said, “Was he not a human being? (Bukhari)
Human Rights in Islam
Hadith: “Feed the hungry, visit the sick and set the captives free” (Bukhari)

Human Rights in Islam

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