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Wedding is the legalized way of getting a companion for life time. In Islam, marriage is one of the most liked acts because it helps keep away from impermissible relationships and acts. There is a proper code for conducting marriage ceremony in Islam unlike other religions. In Islam, marriage is neither expensive nor extravagant event. Rather, it is a simple full of joys and blessings events.

There are certain things that are a must for Islamic way of wedding/marriage, as listed below;

1: Permission of marriage

Without permission, marriage cannot happen. In Islam, a man does not require permission from his parents or relatives for marriage except for special special circumstances. While, a female requires permission of her wali otherwise she cannot get married, and if she does, her marriage will be null and void. But this must not be taken the only way out, if she her wali forces her for marriage then she can refer to Islamic law for this.

2: Clothing

Unlike the modern day fashion show like marriages, Islam puts restrictions on clothes as well. Just like any other day, the code of pardah is must. Both bride and groom should observe pardah and wear modest cloths and guard their dignity. They should not give it up to be groom or bride.

3: Nikah

For Nikkah, Islam puts the condition of witnesses. Witnesses are required to witness the marriage for future use in case of disputes or divorce. And then, only a rightful person can bind the couple in nikkah since it is an act of combining to people into a legalized relationship.

4: Feast

Unlike the modern day marriage feasts that start from a week earlier, Islamic marriage has only one feast, and that is the feast of walimah. On the next day of marriage, this feast is given. This is sunnah.

5: Functions

There are no other functions as mehndi, or dance parties as is done now a days. These are hindu ceremonies and they have a linking to their religion. Anything which symbolizes other religions is not permissible in islam, therefore such events cannot be celebrated as part of marriage.

6: Dowry

It is not Islamic to ask for dowry from girl’s parents or guardians as it has no link with Islam. Rather it is the groom’s duty to pay his bride the money which is called mehr, ( dowry) before the marriage. This is a must.

Islam appreciates simple and easy marriage. There is no difficulty in deen so there should not be created any difficulty in the permissible acts in deen.

Now If we see now a days specially In Subcontinent Muslims have made Marriage a really complicated and expensive thing following the footsteps of other religions and cultures. This has created problems for poor people. We should try to make marriage easy and Zina difficult.


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