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Al-Balad (The City) – Chapter 90: Verses 8-10

“Did I not give him two eyes, a tongue and two lips, and did I not guide him to [discern] the two paths?”

What you say reveals how happy you are. More than that, what you say can bring about your happiness or undermine it.

The eye sees, the ear hears, and the tongue gives it expression. Based on this, a person chooses what will either be good or bad. Your happiness and sadness do not depend on what you see and hear other people doing. It is your reaction that counts, what you do and say in response.

Do not entertain useless arguments. Say what is good. Expect what is good. Anticipate it. Do not let your thoughts run after fears, suspicions, and misgivings. When your friend tells you that you seem uncomfortable, respond that you are happy. Let your positive response improve your mood and make you happy for real. Do not weigh yourself down with negative thoughts. Do not call yourself a loser, an idiot, or weak-willed. Do not think that the doors of opportunity have been slammed in your face or that your life has no point. Make it your habit to say things that are positive, wholesome, and good, like Allah instructs us to do in the Quran. The people around you should only hear warm, agreeable and hopeful words from you.

You have what it takes. Pray to Allah with hope, keeping in mind that you are strengthening your abilities, building confidence in your future, reinforcing your will, and expecting the best from your Lord. Fire up your imagination by envisioning what you hope to achieve. Even if you sometimes lapse into your old ways, do not get frustrated. Say to yourself that you will try again and get it right.

Compiled From:
“The Language of Happiness” – Salman Al-Oadah

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