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My dear wife, when i shout at you for not wearing scarf properly it’s because i’m jealous, i fear what will happen to you the first day you laid in the grave!

When i tell you i don’t like the company you are in, it’s not that i want you to
be lonely, it’s because none of those friends will be with you in your grave!

Oh my dear wife, i know i cause lots of pain to you but it’s never my wish, but the day you’re in your grave you’ll understand as to why i was doing that.

Oh my dear wife, enjoy the little moment of mine because one day you will wish to listen to me and i’ll be nowhere to be found I’ll leave the world and never come back to you, you will cry when you see my number in your contact list, You will miss me when you sit alone and wish that i would come back, You won’t be able to hear my laugh and my voice again……

There will be No more me to irritate, tease, make you laugh and say; sorry to you! Tears might flow out of your eyes but I will be Gone, long and forever

So enjoy my silly stupid company as much as u can, before I close my eyes Forever!!!

Be romantic to me and be the best wife for Allah’s sake so that i can still wish to be with you in Jannat again

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