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DAY 27 – “Grant me Laylatul Qadr”

ALLAH, on this day, bestow on me the blessings of Laylatul Qadr, change my affairs from (being) difficult to (being) easy, accept my apologies, and decrease for me [my] sins and burdens, O the Compassionate with His righteous servants.

Ya Allah, we have reached the 27th night by your mercy. Tonight may be the night of Laylatul Qadr. On this night we ask you by your beautiful and excelled names for your forgiveness, your eternal mercy, and your love!

❋ ☆ ►Ya Raheem, you are the exceedingly Merciful, Gaze upon us with the gaze of mercy tonight Ya Allah. We seek that sincere moment tonight where you forgive all of our sins and make us of those whom you free from the blazing fire! We will not put or hands down and we will not cease to stop our plea until you forgive us, have mercy on us and free us from the fire Ya Allah!

❋ ☆ ► Ya Rahman, you are the exceedingly Compassionate, write us down us those who have been saved from engulfing fire, save us from its wild flames and save us from its darkness. Save us from its food and save us from its drink. Distance us and protect us from its horrors in the akhirah.

❋ ☆ ► Ya Malik, you are the sovereign and King, save us from the punishment of the grave and its trials. There are people who will be granted Jannah without any hisaab Ya Quddus, make us of those fortunate people. Save us from the darkness and constriction of the grave. Let its embrace be that of a loving hug and not that of a crushing torment! Make the grave expanse, wide and make it an illuminating abode!|

❋ ☆ ► Ya Mussawir, You are the Fashioner. You have created our souls long before we were granted a physical body. We attested to your Lordship and we made a covenant with you. Our souls were with you Ya Allah. Return our souls back to our home. Grant us Jannatul firdaws! Allow us to enjoy from its pleasures but most of all allow us to see you for that is the ultimate pleasure!

❋ ☆ ► Ya Salam, You are the source of peace. Grant peace and security in our lives. We have been consumed with materialism and we have filled our hearts with the love of this world in a manner in which our hearts are clouded. Our physical bodies are fed but our spiritual souls are starving or dead. We neglected our souls and as a result we fell in depression, anxiety and constant worry. Free us from these by nourishing our souls. Ya Mumin, nourish our souls through your remembrance. Nourish our souls through the sunnah of the Prophet, nourish our souls through selfless khidmah of the creation and nourish our souls by your Quran.

❋ ☆ ► Ya Muhaymin, make the prayer a coolness of our heart. The prayer is the foundation and if it is solid then everything else is solid. If our foundation is weak then everything else is weak. Ya Aziz, make the prayer a source of comfort to us. When we have been tired by this world and its trials. When we have been exhausted by the hurt and pain inflicted to us by others. When we have been frustrated by our situations, let us find comfort in bowing our heads down in sujood. Grant us the ability to fulfill it with khushoo and with the utmost sincerity. Ya Jabbar, give us the tawfeeq to be of those who stand in Qiyam ul Layl and make us of the successful who establish Salah.

❋ ☆ ► Ya Mutakaabir, rid us of the diseases we contain in our heart. Outwardly we present our selves to be pious and God fearing but you alone know the sins we commit in secret and the thoughts that occur in our mind. We ask you to purify our actions, our thoughts and intentions. We ask you Ya Khaliq to rid us of the impurities we have in our heart of greed, jealousy, wantonness, pride, self righteousness and arrogance. For we cannot enter Jannah even with a mustard seed of arrogance! We ask you to instill in us those qualities that will raise us in status with you and not debase and humiliate us.

❋ ☆ ► Ya Bari, bless our families, our parents , our spouse and our children. Ya Allah make the men qawwamun. Allow them to be the epitome of manhood by embodying the ways of the Prophet (SAW) in all aspects. Allow our women to be the embodiment of the mothers of the believers. Do not let one oppress the others. Allow them to live in harmony and peace. Ya Muzil, keep our families under your guidance and fill our homes with love, understanding, care, and light of your guidance.

❋ ☆ ► Ya Wahhab, You are the Bestower, those that are sick, cure them. Ya Qahhar, those that are childless, bestow upon them righteous children. Ya Razzaq, those that are struggling financially, make a way out of them and grant barakah in their wealth. Ya Fattah, those that are single and are seeking a spouse, grant them a righteous and God fearing spouse. Ya Alim, those that are in any pain, heal them. Ya Qabid, whoever is struggling with anything but still trying with every little strength they have, grant them ease and make firm for them their resolve to continue on.

❋ ☆ ► Ya Basit, aid our Ummah. Aid our brothers and sisters in areas of conflict. Help our brothers and sisters in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey and anywhere else were people are being oppressed and killed unjustly. Destroy those who cause oppression and have their hearts sealed. Destroy those that kill innocent children and dishonor our mothers and sisters. Destroy those that leave our men and fathers helpless to help their families. Destroy those who seek to cause chaos and corruption by using the words of the Quran. Ya Sami, you are the all hearing and you hear the call of the oppressed. Protect them and send angels and men to defend them from the zalimun.

❋ ☆ ► Ya Muizz, bless our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW). Bless our teacher, our father, our brother, our prophet! Our eyes yearn to see him, our hearts seek to gaze upon his noble face. Our hands wish to drink from him at the fountain of Kawthar. Our feet ache to sit by his feet. Bless us with his companionship in Jannatul fridaws and grant us his intercession by your permission! Our prophet cried for us and wanted to see his brothers and sisters whom were to come after he passed. We are also crying in hopes to see him. Bless us with his presence in the akhirah Ya Basir!

❋ ☆ ► Ya Hakam, every passing day is one step closer to the meeting with you! Ya Latif, when we have neared the end of our journey in this life, do not give us death until you are pleased with us. Grant us death when we are at our peak of emaan and we have earned your pleasure and love. Grant us a death of a shaheed. Grant us a good ending Ya Karim.

❋ ☆ ► Ya Mujib, you are the Responsive. We have reached the night of 27th, the night which might hold the night of power. We are asking you with tearful eyes and a hopeful heart. We will not release our hands from dua nor will we cease our pleas to you! We will not leave your door until you answer all our duas Ya Rafi! We will keep knocking. We will keep whining. We will keep crying. We will not leave until you hear our duas! Accept from us, forgive us and enter us into your Jannah!

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