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Ramadhān Eid coming soon……🌙

We’re in the final days of Ramadhān. Maximise the blessings of this blessed month.m

It’s hard to believe that Ramadhān is heading down the final homestretch. The last few days are upon us. Time to step up our efforts!

Subhānallāh only few days of Ramadhān left!!! The days of rahma flew passed! Please make the most of these last days!

Subhānallāh most of Ramadhān gone, the blessed days of rahma flying past without realising, there’s still time, let’s not waste this!!!

Fact! We have no idea if we’ll see another Ramadhān!

People tend to lose their zeal as the month goes on. If that’s the case take the next 5 days easy then go for the final push for this last days.

If you’ve been slacking this Ramadhān! Then use these last 6 days to save your Ramadhān! To save yourself from being the loser!

Reap the RewardsOfRamadhān!!!
Remember to continuously give in the way of Allāh, this is a month of sadaqah, a month of giving RewardsOfRamadhān…

Within these 6 days! You may find the night of laylatul qadr
The night equivalent to 1000 months of ibadah!!!

Ibn ul-Qayyim رحمه الله:
If Laylat ul-Qadr was 1 Night in a Year, I would’ve Prayed Full Year so I catch it! What of (only) 10 nights?!

Laylath-Ul-Qadr may well be on an odd night, and you’ll be the odd person if you don’t benefit from it.

May Allāh enable us all to find the night of qadr and make the most of such a day in which words cannot describe RewardsOfRamadhān

May we leave Ramadhān as purified souls with our hearts more attached to Allāh and his commandments.

May Allāh forgive us all and enable us to make the most out of the remaining blessed days of Ramadan!

May we make the most of this last stretch of Ramadhān and may our practices be consistent after Ramadhān is over.

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