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Bilal Radhi AllahuAnhu Bilaal (R.A.)

Sayyidina Hazrat Bilal was an Abyssinian slave belonging to a Jew called Umayya Bin Khalf, who was a bitter enemy of Islam. He embraced Islam in its early days, during times when the non-believers would continuously harass the Muslims and never allow them a moment of peace. Hazrat Bilal’s love for Allah and the Holy […]

Ali R.A – The Lion of Allah

“You [Ali] are my brother in this world and the next.” (Hadith) Ali’s Election After Uthman’s martyrdom, the office of the caliphate remained unfilled for two or three days. Many insisted that Ali should take up the office, but he was embarrassed by the fact that the people who pressed him hardest were the rebels, […]

Abdullah Ibn Umar (Son of Umar Bin Khattab) R.A

Abdullah Ibn Umar (R.A.) At Shaykhan, halfway between Madinah and Uhud, the thousand strong Muslim army led by the Prophet stopped. The sun had begun to sink beneath the horizon. The Prophet dismounted from his horse Sakb. He was fully dressed for battle. A turban was wound about his helmet. He wore a breastplate beneath […]

Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib (R.A.)

The great warrior and companion Hamza (Ra) was an uncle of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). His conversion to Islam was a sudden incident. After being bestowed with Prophethood, the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) started preaching Islam publicly. For this reason the infidels started opposition and oppression. In the meantime one day the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was in meditation […]

Abdullah Ibn Jahsh (R.A.) Commander of the Believers

Abdullah ibn Jahsh was a cousin of the Prophet and his sister, Zaynab bint Jahsh, was a wife of the Prophet. He was the first to head a group of Muslims on an expedition and so was the first to be called “Amir al-Mu’mineen”Ñ Commander of the Believers. Abdullah ibn Jahsh became a Muslim before […]