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Allah has mentioned his Prophets Zakariya {ALAIHIS – SALAAM} and Yahya {ALAIHIS – SALAAM} in Surah Maryam,Aal- Imran,Al-Anbiya and Al- Anam.

Al – Hafiz Abu Al- Qasim bin Asakir has said that Zakiriya was the son of Bakhiya.The name of his father is also given as Dan.Anyway, his ancestral tree goes upto Sulayman bin Dawood {ALAIHIS – SALAAM}. He was the father of Yahya {ALAIHIS – SALAAM}

Zakariya is pronunced with ‘aa’ after ‘y’ and also with a single ‘a’.It is also promounced Zikri.

Allah asks His Messenger {Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam} to relate to the people how the Lord was merciful to Zakariya {ALAIHIS – SALAAM} -when he called upon him gently.Qatadah has said in exegesis that Allah knows what is in the hearts and hears the inaaudible voice.Some of our worthy predecessors have said that he stood in prayer in the night and called his lord with secret supplication unknown to those present.He would murmur, “O lord,Lord,Lord Allah answered him, “Here I am, go ahead, here I am! He then said,

My Lord! My bones are weakened within me.

{Surah Maryam,ch-19,Ayat no- 4}

They had gone weak because of old age.

And my head is glistening with hoariness.

{Surah Maryam,ch-19,Ayat no-4}

In spite of that

[And] I have never been unblest in my prayer to you, my lord.

{Surah Maryam,ch-19,Ayat no-4}

He was inspired to pray for a son when he observed with Maryam his ward, fruit which were not due at that time – that ts, of season. He realised that a sustainer who could grant fruit before their due time or after time has expired could also grant him a son in his and his wife’s old age.

Forthwith Zakariya prayed to his lord saying, “My lord, bestow upon me from Your presence a goodly offspring: surely you are the Hearer of prayer.”

{Surah Aal Imran,ch-3,Ayat no-38}

Or, as we see in Surah Maryam

And i fear my kindfolk I am gone, and my wife is barren.

{Surah Maryam,ch-19,Ayat no-5}


So, he requested Allah to grant him a son who may inherit him in the functions of Prophet and wisdom and thus inherit his forefathers. The inheritance does not mean inheritance of wealth as explained below;

1:We have outlined this fact in the life story of Sulayman {ALAIHIS – SALAAM}. We had quoted the hadith,”We the Prophet are not inherited and whatever we leave is Sadaqah.” {Bukhari,Hadith no- 3093}

This is why Abu Bakr [Radhiyallahu anhu] disallowed whatever had blonged to the Prophet {Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam} from beinggiven to his daughter Sayyidah Fatimah [Radhiyallahu Anha] his wives or his uncle Abbas [Radhiyallahu Anhu]. The other companions [Radhiyallahu anhuma] agreed with this decision.

2:Imam Tirmizi has narrated the Hadith “We the community of prophets are not inherited.” {Tirmizi}

3:The world is worthless in the eyes of the Prophet that they should amass its wealth or turn to it giving it much significance and also, they advise their children that they most not pay attention to it after them.

4:Zakariya {ALAIHIS – SALAAM} was a carpenter who worked by his hands and ate from his ernings therefrom as Sayyidina Dawood {ALAIHIS – SALAAM} earn his own living.It was the same with all Prophets who did not involve themselves too much in this matter.They worked to earn the bare necessities and no more.

Imam Ahmad has said that Abu Hurairah [Radhiyallahu Anhu] quoted the Messenger of Allah {Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam} as saying, “Zakariya was a carpenter.” {Muslim [135],Ibn Majah [2150],Ahmed [296].


Allah let Zakariya {ALAIHIS – SALAAM} know that he will be blessed with a son whom he may name Yahya, no one had that name before him. On hearing these tidings he was delightfully surprised and could not reconcile himself to it.

He said, “My Lord! How shall I have a son while my wife is a barren and I have reached the extreme old age.

{Surah Maryam,ch-19,Ayat no-8}

It is said that he was seventy seven years old or more than that.

Sayyidina Ibrahim {ALAIHIS – SALAAM} and Sarah {ALAIHIS – SALAAM} also had expressed delightful surprise when they were given simiar tidings.

Allah told him that to do that was easy for Him.

“So it shall be!” Your Lord says, “That is easy for Me.”

{Surah Maryam,ch-19,Ayat no-9}

and indeed I created you aforetime, when you were nothing.

{Surah Maryam,ch-19,Ayat no-9}

Allah has said that He made his wife fit for him.

And we made his wife fit for him.

{Surah Al Ambiya,ch-21,Ayat no-90}

That is, she began to have her menstruation and was able to conceive.

Sayyidina Zakariya {ALAIHIS – SALAAM} requested Allah to Indicate to him through a sign that his wife was pregent.So, he was told that when that happen, he would not be able to speak for three days but there would be no defect attached to it or deteriortion of health.Except for that temporary sign, he would be healthy.Allah commanded him to increase His rememberance and mention during those days.


Allah then adresses Yahya {ALAIHIS – SALAAM} in the Quran:

“O Yahya! Hold fast the book, with strength.” And we gave him wisdom while yet s child.

{Surah Maryam,ch-19,Ayat no-12}

His father Zakariya {ALAIHIS – SALAAM} was given the glad tidings of the birth of Yahya {ALAIHIS – SALAAM}} and then the son is told that he should hold fast book. He was given wisdom while he was yet a child.Abdullah bin Mubarak and Muammar have said that children called Yahya to play with them but he reminded them they were not created to play

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