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Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn ‘Abdun Najar narrates: A man from our neighbourhood saw a blind man walking by and handed him a purse of money as Sadaqah. It so happened that he had two purses on him, one containing dinars (gold coins) and the other, dirhams (silver coins). He intended to hand over the dirhams, but mistakenly handed over the dinars. The blind man took the purse and continued on his way assuming that the purse contained dirhams.

The next morning, he proceeded to the greengrocer and said, “Take this bag of dirhams and count out the amount I am owing you. The remainder you may hand over to me.”

When the greengrocer opened the purse, he asked in surprise, “Where did you get this purse from?”

The blind man replied, “A man handed it over to me last night.”

The greengrocer explained, “This purse contains dinars. Please take it back.”

The blind man took it and returned to the man who had given it to him. He said, “You gave me this as Sadaqah. I think that your intention was to give me dirhams, but you made an error. I do not regard this as permissible for me to accept. Please take it back.”

The man said to him, “I gave it to you and the matter has been decided. Please come to me at the beginning of every month and I will reward you with something in return for your honesty.”

Accordingly, the man would give him five dirhams every month.

Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn ‘Abdun Najar added, “Both the blind man and greengrocer displayed an amazing degree of honesty rarely found amongst men.”

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