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Top 10 Oils – Benefits of Oils for Healthy Body & Mind

hemp oil

You can use an adequate amount of fats and oils to heal your mind. You cannot deny the benefits of oils for body and mind. Right kinds of fats as well as oils play a significant role to prevent premature ageing and improve your skin. Good fats and oils boost your body and give you […]

Cigarette Smoking


Introduction Cigarettes damage the body–gradually and insidiously–in a number of different ways. Over the years, the American Council on Science and Health and others have documented the effects. One popular argument the scientific community often makes to encourage smokers to quit stems from the conjecture that all of the health effects of smoking are reversible […]

17 best golden powerfull tips for batter your health

Health Is Wealth

Allah taala ne apne pyare habeeb mohammade arabi s.a.w. ko saari kainaat ke liye rehmat bana kar bheja or jiss tarah aapne Ruhaani bimaariyun ka ilaaj bataya isi tarah aapne jismani bimariyun ka bhi ilaaj bataya agar aap s.a.w. jismani ilaaj na batate to Dushmanane islam aapke baad ulmae umamat se eitraz (discuss) karte ki […]

How many of the 10 fattest countries are Muslim?


Source: Gazette Review It’s no secret that the world has been consistently getting more and more fat over the years. In nearly every country obesity rates are on the rise: in poor countries and rich countries, in young people and old. The causes of increased obesity are easy to trace and not difficult to understand. […]