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Nikah me Ladki/Ladke ki Razamanddi


Nikah me Ladki/Ladke ki Razamanddi- Nikah me ladka aur ladki dono ki razamanddi zaruri hoti hai. Nabi(S.A.W) ka farmaan hai : ” Aurat ka nikah is ki ijazat ke bagair nahi kiya jayega “ kisi bhi aurat ko aise shakhs se shadi krne par majaboor krna jaiz nahi jis se woh shadi nahi krna chahti […]

The Islamic Way of Wedding

Islamic Way of Wedding

Wedding is the legalized way of getting a companion for life time. In Islam, marriage is one of the most liked acts because it helps keep away from impermissible relationships and acts. There is a proper code for conducting marriage ceremony in Islam unlike other religions. In Islam, marriage is neither expensive nor extravagant event. […]


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Nikah Ki Raat Ko Do Rakat Namaz Kaise Padhi Jaye? Alhamdulillah .. Sabse pahle : Kuch ulemao ne nikah wali raat me  biwi se milne se pahle do rakat namaz padhna mustahab samjha hai, aur is muamle me Nabi ѕαℓℓαℓℓαнυ αℓαyнє ωαѕαℓℓαм se koi tareeka sabit nahi hai balki kuch sahaba raziallaho anhuma se riwayate […]

Standard Advice for Young girls who are about to get married

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Honouring and respecting one’s husband is one of the characteristic attitudes of this ummah. It is one of the good manners known at the time of jahiliyyah that were endorsed by Islam and perpetuated by the Arabs after they embraced Islam. Our Arab heritage is filled with texts that eloquently describe the advice given by […]

15 Signs You’re REALLY Ready For Marriage!

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Are you really ready for marriage? Here’s a question for you – are you really ready for marriage? Almost everyone thinks they are ready to get married, but sometimes the reality is far from it! So here’s 15 signs you’re really REALLY ready to get married! You’re busy planning for your future instead of planning […]

Imam Ahmed’s 10 golden advices to his son on his wedding day

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Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal’s advice to his son on his Nikkah day: Dear son, you will not attain good fortune in your home except by 10 characteristics which you show to your wife, so remember them and be enthusiastic in acting upon them. As for the first two; women like attention and they like to […]

Do not Marry 7 types of Women

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1. Al-Annaanah: The woman who whines, moans and complains and ‘ties a band around her head’ all the time (i.e. complains of a headache or some illness but in reality she is not sick, rather she is faking). 2. Al-Mannaanah: The woman who bestows favours, gifts, etc. upon her husband then (at that time or […]