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1) Come home with a smile, being pleased to see his wife.

2) Following long days of chores/work (the wife), a good husband will be found cooking dishes in the kitchen with ‘multitude of flavours’.

3) When upset (with him), in the morning he’ll sneak around and leave a little surprise in the kitchen for when the wife wakes up (buns, flowers, chocolate).

4) Being appreciated for the work she does, comment on how clean the place looks etc.

5) Suggesting she treats herself to a facial, or go get her hair done (for him of course).

6) Every now and then planning weekend breaks for a change of scenery/quality time.

7) When wife is very tired, a good husband will give her a foot massage.
When wife is going on a rare shopping trip, a good husband will give her an envelope with crisp notes to spend and buy a treat.

9) When the wife has a baby, a good husband will return from work tired, and take care of the baby and housework so she can sleep.

10) A good husband makes nice cups of tea for his wife.

11) Compliment the wife (women love compliments, note: make it as realistic as possible).

12) Every now and then send her a lovely text telling her how special she is, how he is thinking about her.

13) Compliment her cooking, no matter how bad it maybe.

14) For brothers with more than one wife, never compare, make her think she is the favourite.

15) When he is out, call her and ask if she needs any groceries.

16) Happily allowing her time with her friends/family.

17) Sending her a poem (by text).

18) When she is feeling tired/unwell, helping with the housework.

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