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1:Who considers attending her husband as her foremost duty.
2:Who never leaves any requirement of her husband unfulfilled.
3:Who appreciates the merits of her husband and neglects his demerits.
4:Who takes pains in comforting her husband.
5:Who does not put any demand before her husband that is beyond his capacity and leads a life of contentment.
6:Who never looks at strange and unknown men nor allows them to look at her.
7:Who lives in Pardah and keeps her chastity safe.
8:Who safeguards the wealth, the property and other belongings of her husband including herself.
9:Who proves her dedication to her husband by sacrificing everything to salvage her husband from any calamity.
10:Who keeps patience over the atrocities inflicted to her by her husband.
11:Who is looked upon respectfully both in her father’s house and in her husband’s house.
12:Who is humble and kind to the neighbors and whose humility everyone appreciates.
13:Who carries out her religious duties with punctuality and fulfills the rights of the Creator and creatures.
14:Who tolerates with cool mind the bitterness of the members of her husband’s family.
15:Who first feeds the other members of the house and eats herself in the last.

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