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Once there lived in a town a very successful and wealthy man, who was given every comfort and luxury by Allah Ta’ala. From amongst his many servants one particular servant stood out on account of his ‘foolishness’ which he often displayed.

One day the rich man called him and presented him with a gift saying: “Keep this in a safe place until you find someone more foolish than yourself. When you do find this person, please do give it to Him.”

The servant replied: “Very good, Sir!”

After some time, the rich man became very ill. Many doctors treated him but there was no sign of recovery. He finally lost all hope and called for his servant and said to Him: “I am leaving this world now.
If I have caused you any grief or hurt you whilst you were in my service, please do forgive me.” After this the following conversation ensued between the servant and the rich man.

Servant: “Sir, where are you going?”

Rich Man: “Where everyone has to go.”

Servant: “When will you return?”

Rich Man: “I am going to a place from where there is no return.”

Servant: “I see…Have you made your preparations for your comfort there, sir?”

Rich Man: “No.”

Servant: “Sir, have you made arrangements to safeguard yourself from heat and cold?”

Rich Man: “No.”

Servant: “What have you done about your food and drink, sir?”

Rich Man: “Nothing.”

Hearing this, the servant laughed and said: “Sir, this is most surprising. In your temporary home, you have made all sorts of arrangements of joy and comfort; buildings and bungalows, gardens and parks, servants and maids, beautiful cars, shops, factories and all sorts of luxuries, but for your permanent home, you have made no preparations whatsoever.

Now tell me sir! Where will I find someone more foolish than you? He then presented the gift to the rich man”

The moral of the story is that we should take time out and review frequently whether our actions are solely for the life of this world or for the eternal life in the hereafter. After all there is no one in a sound state of mind that would put all his efforts in something that is temporary and which could come to an abrupt end at any time. Only those who are fools would do such a thing.

If we examine our lives we will find that there can be no greater fools than ourselves when all our efforts are harnessed towards attaining and amassing the best of Dunya.

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