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1- Wife completes half of our Deen. GF destroys even half the Deen

.2- Wife fulfills our wishes as her dream. GF wants to fulfill her demand as a Compulsory duty.

3- Wife loves us freely without being selfish. GF pretends to love us selfishly.

4- When wife demands something & we forget to bring. She says “No matter”. But a GF will scold to be forgetful

.5- When we get late. Our wives get worried & want to know about us. But a GF pretends to care only when we are before her.

6- Wife first asks about our welfare but GF first asks about her Gifts.

7- Wife helps us & save us from many evils. But a GF engages us in many Evils

.8- Wife loves us even in the worst times of our life, but GF will leave us in the lurch

.9- Wife tries her best to understand our mistakes and problems but GF doesn’t.

10- wife is always ready to do anything for us, but not GFs.

11- Wife is our permanent Lover, but GFs are temporary.

So love your wife as she deserves.

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