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Allah blessed you with your other half, and after marriage in sha Allah you’ll be moving from your current life to another life full of Mawaddah (love), Rahmah (mercy) and Saquinah (tranquility). In sha Allah, He will bless you with beautiful pious kids too. So, don’t start your new life with a disobedience of The One Who blessed you with this marriage! Free mixing between men and women and music (that would be in weddings) are forbidden in Islam.
so dear sister, don’t prepare for a mixed wedding party where the guests (men and women) will be dancing together and listening to music. In such wedding, men won’t lower their gaze so you will be responsible for every glance a man would give to any female guest in your wedding! Are you sure you can stand having all these sins in a wedding which will last only for few hours?!
Don’t start your new life, as a wife, with disobedience because Allah will remove Barakah (blessing) from it!
“Everything which start with a sin will end with disobedience” always remember that
Please the One Who grant you that marriage, prepare for an Islamic wedding (men and women celebrate the wedding in separated places) . In the Islamic wedding, the bride can wear freely her full adornment, and so are the women who attend the party, they can do their hair and put make-up (because there will be no men around). Think about it, always girls have so much fun with no boys around
I ask Allah to bless your marriage, grant you happiness with your husband and grant you pious children, In Sha Allah

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