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Younger brother wins custody of ageing mom at court


Two Saudi brothers went to court after a rift over who should looks after his ageing mother. Crowd at the packed court in the Gulf Kingdom nearly cried when they heard the mother’s response to the judge after he asked her who she prefers to stay with—the elder or the younger brother.


“My son….,” the mother addressed the judge with tears in her eyes. “That one (she pointed at her elder son) is my right eye and that one (younger son) is my left eye…how can you expect me to choose between my eyes.”


In its report from the western town of Makkah, Sharq newspaper said the mother had stayed with her 75-year-old son most of her life and that the younger son told court he believes it was time for him to take care of her.


“After hesitation, the judge decided that the mother moves in with her younger son as the elder one has become too old and is suffering from illness,” it said.


“It was a touching scene and those present in court nearly cried….after the verdict, the two brothers left court hugging and kissing each other.”

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