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1) Schedule time for intimacy when the kids are always SOUND asleep. If that’s 11pm, or 5:30am after Fajr – choose the time that works for you as a couple. Ideally, aim for two hours minimum of alone time so you have time to catch up, connect, and for intimacy to naturally develop.

2) Cook together! Cooking together, him chopping, you stirring – but both of you sharing in creating something that you can share with the family isa relaxed way of bonding together, talking, while the kids eagerly wait for a special breakfast as a family.

3) Go somewhere vast and outdoors, and leave your kids to explore within eye sight while you and your husband either sit together on a blanket, hang out in a tree, walk on a trail, etc. Give the kids space and you both have space for holding hands with each other (and not the kids), talking freely, and just enjoying the scenery.

Plan for simplicity, and enjoy emotional intimacy. Keep the goals open and unscripted, and just see where your hearts take you. Time that allows you both to unwind from the week, catch up with each other is likely to lead to increased passion, feelings of appreciation, and being in sync with each other insha’Allah.

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